Thursday, May 31, 2007

Zippered Tote Bag

I have always been intimidated by zippers. Since most of the dresses I made for my daughter were smocked/heirloom type dresses I didn't have to worry about them. I always used buttons or fancy pins for closure. It took me awhile to do the wristlets because it meant I had to put in the much dreaded zippers. Surprisingly it wasn't that bad and I was able to use the technique I used to line the dresses without any seams showing. Purses are another story though. They are more complicated because of the several layers I have to deal with. I was asked to make a Debbie bag in the Miami print but a Weekender size and zipper closure. It is going to be a birthday present for a friend who adores flamingos (she already got the Debbie bag in the flamingo print). I have searched the net for a tutorial and there are plenty of them but I ended up doing it my way. I am actually proud of it and might add a zippered handbag soon. I received an email from the recepient and she was happy with it!
I made a complete set just in case she wanted matching accessories. She ended up getting the wristlet.

Side View

Top view. I like this kind of zipper closure--it has a "lip". If it doesn't it looks weird to me especially if the handbag is boxed. It tends to look out of proportion because the top is a lot narrower than the bottom.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pottery Barn Studio

potterybarn, originally uploaded by Lagomorph.

I was browsing through flickr and came across this. I literally clutched my chest with excitement! I love their style and I have all their books. My studio is not as big as this but I love the shelf--exactly what I need. It can be my mailing station where I put the ribbons, tissue paper and some odds and ends. I have been planning to decorate my studio ala PB style. I don't recall seeing this in their catalog or maybe I missed it. I just checked their site and it is not in the catalog anymore. I have actually seen something similar at Michael's. They are called quilt racks and they come unfinished. Maybe I can swing by there this weekend. I know I have to finish decorating but something always comes up. If a big order comes in I can't spare the time to be fixing stuff let alone do the laundry! One of these days I will since it makes such a difference when everything is so orderly and pretty.

Time to go to bed and dream about it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Beach Party

It was a beautiful Saturday and uncharacteristically cool for this time of year. I hope it stays this way much longer. My daughter turned 12 last May 16 and we had a beach party for her.
The birthday girl doing endless carthweels. Such energy!

Red flag was up but you will surprised so many people ignore it. It kept the lifeguards busy I'll say.

Taking a break.

We had so much fun we decided to go to the beach more often. We should thank our lucky stars--we are only 10 minutes away!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Birthday Girl

My darling daughter is 12 years old today. Time flies so fast! She was so excited last night and can't wait to get her presents. She can wear some of my shoes (I am a 7- 7 1/2) and about one inch shorter than I.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Downtown Stuart Craft Show

Belated Happy Mother's Day! I didn't have a chance to greet everybody over the weekend. I have finally recharged my batteries and ready for the week. The craft show wasn't too bad. It was my first show in this venue which is 10 minutes away from home. I saw a lot of familiar faces as we are a very close knit community and almost everybody knows everybody. A lot of snowbirds who are ready to leave in a couple of weeks before the weather really gets scorching hot. The weather though could have cooperated more. Saturday was cooler but all those love bugs! I didn't even know THOSE were love bugs. I have always thought they were cute and adorable but let me tell you--they are anything but. The plus side is they don't bite. My daughter was so bothered by them she had to go home last Sunday. We need rain but did it have to be Sunday? Well it was just a drizzle for about 10 minutes. Overall I had a great time. People recognized me from the newspaper article and they kept asking me how I find time to make all these purses and the oohs and aahs were music to my ears.

I was lucky enough to be under the shade of a tree. This is my booth with my spanking brand new tent from BJs--I have to fine tune my display. I have to get grids so I can hang my purses along the sides.

People asked my how do I find time to do all these purses? Well I try to make a couple everyday and do stuff around the house on top of that. I multi task--put in the laundry, thaw some meat for dinner, go upstairs to cut and sew, take a break and read a little, check if laundry is done etc, etc. I am a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) and I love to create. I do what I love and I am making money out of it--what more can I ask? I am my own boss and I can play hooky if I want to. I didn't know I have so many until they were all out there on display and it felt soooo good!

I sold a lot of belts and key rings. I will be adding some novelty ribbon belts and key rings on my site hopefully this week assuming my new ribbon shipments (take note--shipments not shipment) will arrive soon!

I had the cutest customers who stopped by. Isn't she the cutest ever? Only two and she is already into purses! This is the first time I have seen bunnies in strollers! I have three ( will have to put them here soon) and I know they won't sit still. I have to go so I can catch up on my sewing. Until next time.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

25 things a man in love should know

Here's part II---


1. How to fix a leaky faucet without making jokes about "men's work."

2. How to clean the kitchen without making jokes about "women's work."

3. Sorry ladies I can't put this down here. Contact me if you want to know!

4. Oops!! Can't write this down either. Sorry!

5. Why holding the door or treating you to dinner isn't sexist, but asking whether you're in a bad mood because you're premenstrual is.

6. The location of the lint filter in the dryer.

7. When no means no.

8. What your favorite flower is and where to buy a bouquet of it.

9. Why he shouldn't be jealous of your cat, best friend or the old boyfriend you ate
lunch with last week.

10. Here's another one I can't add--aren't you just dying to know what it is????

11. How to cook foods other than meat.

12. Why what Woody did to Mia was wrong.

13. How to buy his own mother a birthday present.

14. The words to your favorite song and whether his voice is good enough to serenade you with it.

15. Hmmm I wonder if I can omit some words. Okay I'll do that----
How to massage your back without also massaging other distinctly nonback areas.

16. How to massage those nonback areas without giving you the sense he's kneading a particularly tough hunk of dough.

17. When he should leave you alone when you say, "Leave me alone."

18. When not to.

19. How to navigate beyond the beer and chips/snacks/dips aisles at the supermarket.

20. That saying "I'm sorry" does not make him a wimp.

21. How to surprise you in b_d.

22. How to be surprised back.

23. Why you're the best thing that ever happened to him.

24. Why he's the best thing that ever happened to you.

25. How to keep it that way.

Print this out and put it where you better half can see it everyday! Until next time.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

25 things every man in love should have

I was organizing one of my drawers today and found a xeroxed copy of it in one of my folders. I thought I might share this--here goes!


1. A medicine cabinet devoid of old girlfriend's mascara, lipstick and birth control pills.

2. A bed on which the sheets have been changed at least once this season.

3. The self-restraint not to read your journal, should he discover it.

4. A vocabulary that comfortably contains the words commitment, marriage and children.

5. The memory of the first woman he loved- his second grade teacher.

6. A knowledge of the female anatomy that transcends P-----y centerfolds.

7. The ability to talk to your boss, your sister and your aunt Sally about something other that himself.

8. A shirt or sweater or jacket or jeans-so great you want to steal it.

9. A kissing technique that's been updated since high school.

10. The patience to watch your favorite weepy movie without breaking into loud guffaws.

11. An interest he's developed because of you.

12. An interest he maintains (like model trains, not another woman) despite you.

13. A way of introducing you that doesn't depend on the word my.

14. A picture of you as a kid that he thinks is really, really cute.

15. At least one female friend he hasn't slept with.

16. At least one male friend who's happily married.

17. Either great ideas for how to arrange the furniture or no idea at all.

18. The knack of buying you clothing you're not ashamed to wear out of the house.

19. A speaking relationship with your family.

20. At least one pair of underwear without stains, holes or a droopy seat.

21. A CD that always gets you in the mood.

22. A set of headphones for the ones that don't.

23. A past that stays there.

24. A sense of what he'd do with his life if you weren't in it.

25. The conviction that, however wonderful his alternatives, he'd rather be with you.

Okay that's it for now and tomorrow will be part II--25 things every man in love should know.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Photo Shoot

What a big sigh of relief!! My photo shoot just wrapped up and it wasn't that bad--I had been such a wreck this past few days. Actually it was fun. The photographer was nice and took a lot of pictures just in case.... We did it in the back and thank God the weather is just perfect. It will be out this Friday.

Now I can concentrate on making more stuff for my craft show this coming weekend. I have started making key rings and novelty belts and will be adding them on the site soon.

It is so beautiful outside. I wish I have time to just sit and read today but alas I can't because I am running behind schedule. Well maybe just a few minutes!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Taking it Easy

My newspaper interview had been postponed for next Tuesday. I got a little reprieve. I decided to take it easy yesterday before tackling some orders that came in. My left arm was a little bit stiff as I woke up on my left side. I might have slept that way the whole time.

I got a visit from Mr. Turtle while I was reading yesterday. He passes by once in a while and I wish I can just clean that stuff off his back but it is better to leave him alone. Every time I got close he would retreat back in his shell. I let him be until he decided to go back to the lake where a family of ducks was playing. I love this time of day when I can have some peace and quite and just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book.

Later in the afternoon I went back out to rest--my left arm was better. I was mesmerized when I looked up. All these branches silhouetted against the darkening sky and I could hear a flock birds flew over and squirrels scurrying from tree to tree. So peaceful!

How time flies. It is already 3:30. I will organized my workspace because if I don't get on top of things stuff gets piled on my cutting table and it can get overwhelming to put things away later on. That's when I feel so helpless and don't know where to start. When I am in a hurry to finish a project that's when everything goes haywire. I have to get in to the habit of putting things where they belong as soon as I am done with them. Easier said than done but I have gotten better.
I have to get going--maybe I can make one bag before I start to get ready for my daughter's Musical Theater Recital tonight.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Will be featured in local Newspaper

Okay I haven't been posting here lately. I am caught up and more organized than a few weeks ago so I will be posting more often. I have been sort of burned out lately but a phone call a few minutes ago shook me out of it. I got a call from my local newspaper and asked if they could do a story on me and my biz plus a photo. I was shocked and when I heard "picture" alarm bells rang in my ears and I declined. I have been trying to lose weight and haven't gotten to where I want to be and I look terrible in pictures lately. I get very self conscious. Maybe they can retouch my face somewhat and make it more angular--well it won't hurt to ask! Anyway, common sense kicked in and I would be demented to refuse--think about it--free advertising! Who cares if I need to lose weight (I have been good lately, mind you) and this is heaven sent. So I called this nice gentleman back and set up a shoot this Friday morning. Ooh I have to do my nails....