Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Drafting a Clutch Pattern

Well I spoke too soon in my last post about our non existent cold front. A few days after that we did have a rather lengthy and much awaited cold weather. Now it is back to the upper 70s but we are supposed to get another one over the weekend.

I have been asked a couple of times to design a clutch with flap. So I have been busy drafting and finally came up with the look I wanted after several prototypes. It reminds of one of my mom's clutches that I used to play dress up with. Hmmm--who should I name it after?

Just in case you didn't notice my poor cutting mat needs to be retired. I have been trying to work on the edges where it is still intact but it can be bothersome and counterproductive as I am cutting the fabric a little at a time and constantly moving in over to the good side. I saw a cutting mat in lavender--that would be lovely!