Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's my birthday--it's my birthday!!! Itsy Bitsy Pouch Giveaway

Actually it WAS my birthday on the 24th but I haven't had a chance to post something here. I just turned -tyfive (I am not telling) but my friends say I look younger. As a young kid I used to be teased about missing some screws up there because I was born close to the 29th ( February being an incomplete month). As usual I'm running into myself these days trying to finish up orders and being a single mom. That said, I am giving away one itsy bitsy coin pouch. If you happen to drop by just leave a comment by 12:00am EST March 2. I will announce the winner 2:00 pm that same day.

Center top-- First Love is not available it was ambushed yesterday. Take your pick. Top left--Abbey road, strawberries and cream. Top right--apples and pears oh my!, not a wink. Lower center--mocha temptation.

Starting from top left--candy blossoms, purple dreams (not available), green moca and ladybug vine. From top right--feathered friends, cocoa mint, Asian blooms (sorry not available) and strawberries and cream.

Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fabrics from Fave Designers

I am so excited about a new line of fabrics coming in a few months by two of my favorite designers--Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler. Scrumptious prints as usual and I can't wait to get get my hands on them! My head is abuzz already planning what to make with them.

These are from Joel Dewberry's Ginseng Collection, who I recently learned is Donna Dewberry's son. She's the creator of the "One Stroke Painting". I took some classes locally but was cut short when I started my biz.

Jasmine Palette

Mulberry Palette

Spice Palette

These are from Amy Butler's Midwest Modern Line

Hmmm I have to make room for more fabrics!

Monday, February 11, 2008

More Fabric Closet Pics

When a friend of mine read my previous blog she called me and asked why am I showing just a little snippet of my fabric closet? She wanted to see the inside from all angles! So here goes:

Amazingly enough I have more space to spare at the bottom. I have kept this neat for two weeks now and I hope it stays that way.

Friday, February 08, 2008


I joined this group, Studio Friday a few months back but never got around to post anything. I have been lurking but not really participating.

The topic for this week is--"Where or what is the heart of your studio/creative space? Is it your desk or maybe a special piece of furniture, a window, a piece of art on the wall, your idea board, or one of your tools, a jar with ribbons on the shelf...? "

The timing of this topic is so perfect. I have been laboriously fixing my studio and this is going to be the year that I will finish decorating it!

This is a mini walk in closet where I put all my quilting cottons (decorator fabrics still to be tackled) and ribbons which I mostly use for my handbags. I had just organized it and I know where everything is. It is on this step that I sit, my studio being under the eaves and I can't really stand up straight even at 5'3" tall, and gaze and touch them lovingly planning my next creation. This is where my creative juices flow and I will have a floor cushion soon as it takes toll on my back to sit too long!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Pillows

I finished painting my room and my daughter's last December. I would sew in the morning and finish up the orders that would go out that day then paint in the afternoon with my brother's help. I was practically running into myself but I feel so good when I look at my handiwork.We had my other brother and her family from Arizona over the Holidays and it was so much fun showing them all my "new stuff". I managed to make some pillows using my favorite fabrics. I wish I can squeeze in more time to make more sets. I can only show portions of my room right now as some are not yet done--I am organizing everything and what you don't see is in chaos but I am getting there. To me that small window is an eyesore. I had a huge painting covering it before. I was thinking either get a Chinese carved window frame or put curtains to simulate a larger window matching the one right by the bed. It needs to be covered since light comes through and hits my tv.

Since the old closet had been taken out I have more space (left of the screen) where I do my workouts! Love the way my bed looks positioned at an angle.

I've always had white pillowcases but this time I want color and pattern. I did a patchwork on the breakfast pillow then quilted it. If only I can get enough sleep!

One of my precious possessions, a 1940s Hollywood Regency Chinese Wedding Cabinet that I use as an entertainment center/storage.

The headboard has to go--I've had this for years and years as I was into Victorian and shabby chic a few years ago. Now I want eclectic modern. I like to mix contemporary with Oriental/exotic pieces. I have been checking out West Elm.

This is my favorite which has an Oriental motif. It would go so well with my Chinese cabinet.

The same headboard in a different room setting.

Low wood headboard. Love the lamp.

Octagon Headboard. They don't have this color in Full anymore. I would have liked this one too and the price is sooo right.

High wood headboard. That's a nice pleated comforter, don't you think?

This is it for now.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Quilted Handbags

I added some quilted handbags to the site one is a patchwork. I have been meaning to do some quilted items but never got around to it. It can be time consuming but worth it and fun especially patchwork as I get to play with a lot of fabric combination. It is such a pleasure sewing with Magnolia--I hope you don't mind me gushing about her again! I am working on a large wholesale order right now so I can't really add more stuff but I will be adding more as I have new fabrics that came in. Okay I have to get back to work--have a fabulous day.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Meet Magnolia

Presenting----Magnolia! My old sewing machine died on me first week of January. I have been meaning to get a new one especially a Janome brand. I was so excited the day it was scheduled to be delivered--I kept looking through my window for the UPS truck. It runs whisper quite and sews like a dream. I have to get a sturdier sewing table though or have this one reinforced because the poor table shakes like an earthquake when I set the speed a little bit past medium. I thought the machine was defective but the dealer said try it on another table--a sturdy one and see if it still shakes. A big sigh of relief--it was my existing table that was causing it. I lovingly dust it everyday and will make her a cover soon. I might get an embroidery machine--see how this year goes.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Back to Earth

Hello everybody. Boy oh boy it's been a long time since I posted something here! Anyway I am back to earth---finally. I hope everybody had a nice time over the Holidays. Believe it or not I just put away my decorations and my Christmas village. I am just getting over a nasty cold and I am feeling much better--it slows you down when you don't feel that great.

Humor me while I share some pictures with you all.

Three different shots of my tree which was about 7.5 feet. I can never get a good shot just like the ones in magazines. I usually do a different theme every year. I was into Victorian for a while, I did Oriental, all green, all red, etc. This year I just did "Our favorite Ornaments".

One of the ballerinas on spinners--they really look lovely doing pirouettes on the tree!Cinderella's coach, an ornament my daughter made when she was 5, precious moments, handmade Japanese paper fans.

I just put out a few of my Christmas village.

Until next time--I have to make some stuff for tonight--have fun watching the Super Bowl.