Thursday, October 02, 2008

Finally--an embroidery machine!

Hello there. It's been awhile! Well I have finally bought an embroidery machine a, Janome 9500 ( about 2 months ago). I have always wanted one way before I started making purses. Since the closest Janome dealer is 2 hours away I decided to buy it online. I paid it off right away and I am so happy with that. I have been very good with not using my credit cards. My new motto--if you can't afford it, don't buy it!

I was sitting by the kitchen waiting for the UPS guy. I was so excited.

I finally found time to make a purse for me for a change. I haven't had a chance to put this on the site yet.

A gift for one of daughter's friend.

My first online order.

Another gift for a friend of my daughter's.

This one is for one of my retailers.

Another purse for me

These are the fonts available. It took me forever to do this. I have to test drive all of them make sure they stitch out really well. Then I took pictures of most of them and took the backgrounds off. I am quite proud of myself it does look really nice, don't you think so? I am slowly updating my site for monogramming but it such a hassle.

It is so much fun and when I can find time I will embroider some pillows for my daughter and I. Holiday shopping has started on the site so I have to be prepared. I am somewhat nervous and excited at the same time. Have a fabulous day!