Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Hobby?

Well, not really. Sometimes you never know what will trigger your interest on something. I was cleaning my daughter's room a month or so ago when I stepped on one of her trinkets. It was a key chain with a pink butterfly and some plastic beads strung together. I thought it was really cute and would make a nice zipper pull. That was my main idea--start adding zipper pulls to my silk wristlets (I still have to add some to my site!!). I wanted some glass beads and maybe some Swarovski crystlals. Before I knew it I had accumulated so much stuff I decided I'll make a couple of earrings and charm bracelets for my daughter and I. The thing with beads is you just can't buy a couple of stones but you have to get a whole strand. To cut the story short one thing led to another and I decided I had spent so much on supplies I might as well start selling them.

Photographing them wasn't that easy. The purses are lot easier. I just go in the back and shoot. So I had to buy a small photo tent and some photography lights (an added expense, mind you). Removing the backgrounds was a pain ( I did a couple) but I have been looking online and I have seen that most have backgrounds that had been artistically blurred. I think it is really pretty and requires less time for me to prepare the pics for my site.

Small acorn earrings with unakite stones.

Love these frosted lucite flowers I call "wedding bells".

Amethyst Czech fire polished glass beads. I love the blurred purple background--I didn't even know my camera can do it.

Pink and purple glass beads with Picasso luster which I have named "romance"

Striking cobalt blue glass beads.

Antiqued silver tulips that tinkle when you wear them!

Blue glass beads with azuro coating (darker than Aurora borealis finish).

Sweet sixteen pink lucite flowers. Very sweet.

Check out my jewelry collection here. Hopefully I can add more within the next few days.

Okay I am done with my show and tell. Until next time. I have a giveaway coming up to stay tuned!