Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Runaway Bunny

I am just loving this weather! Last week was cold--35 degrees! Our bunnies seem to sense the change in weather especially Pumpkin. She's very frisky and wriggled out of my grasp last week as I was taking her out. Since Miko and Bella were already in the cage outside I can't leave it open so she can just sneak in. She just stood there close to the water her fur blown by the howling wind.

She was so close to the water's edge I was holding my breath just in case she slipped!

Just taking her time sniffing the air.

She must have been just sitting there for a good 15 minutes. I was hoping she would come closer as I have opened the back door hoping she would go in.

Something might have spooked her and she ran like crazy closer to the outside cage and inched her way to the door.

I love this shot--she looks like a lion (she's a lion head)! Thankfully this is her routine everyday right after I take her out from the outside pen and I just let her go in and jump in the cage inside.