Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ballerina girl

I am so proud of my baybcakes (she doesn't want people to hear me say that anymore!). She had been dancing for almost 9 years now and she just got her pointe shoes. I never got that far. Dance is a big part of her life and luckily it hasn't affected her grades since it takes a lot of time and dedication to get this far. I didn't realized how very particular she is about some things (like me) when I was trying to sew in the elastic and the pink satin ribbon to her shoes. She tried it on so many times--"they are not even", don't scratch the satin with the pin", "the thread has to match", make sure the stitches are straight, etc. Like mother like daughter, I'll say!

Just perfect!

Monday, November 12, 2007

New convertible wristlet

I have finally finished a couple of my new convertible wristlet, Lisa named after my 2 year old niece. My daughter had been asking for a "hip" wristlet that she can use when she's out shopping. This would be great for moms too especially with a baby and a toddler in tow when doing errands. I will hopefully have them on the site this weekend. I am preparing for a craft show this Friday and Saturday and trying to make more belts and mother and daughter handbags which are very popular.

After drafting a couple of patterns I finally decided on this--even if matching the top seams can be tricky. Knowing myself, if they don't match I will undo and resew it! I have seen some high end bags where seams are so off and it bugs me. I hope you like it.

Wear it three ways--as a wristlet, belt bag and a mini purse! Pretty cool, huh? Okay off to my sewing room. Have a fabulous week!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Caught Redhanded!

All our bunnies are litter trained but occasionally Bella and Pumpkin would do their potty in another corner. I recently bought them a dog's dish since it is larger and heavier and Miko won't be able to toss and push it down from the third floor (yes they have a three story bunny condo!). Lately somebunny had been using it as a littler box and I was certain it was Bella so I would every now and then put her on one of the litter boxes so she remembers to do it in there.

Poor Bella it was Miko all along! He was grooming without a care in the world.

Check out the puddle on the floor.

Bella turning a blind eye.

Who can resist such an innocent look?

I will try putting the dish on the second floor during the day see if it works. I'll keep you updated.