Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Freebie!! Design your own Itsy Bitsy Pouch

I might have signed off a few times last week. I thought the start of Spring is this week and I planned to give one cute as a button itsy bitsy pouch. Anyway we have a cold front today, in the low 50s and in South Florida that is COLD. Most often than not when there's a considerable drop in temperature I get the sniffles. I can't complain, it is beautiful outside and it makes me feel happy to be alive-- until Summer when only the brave would go out in the sun and get fried.

Okay ladies leave a comment until April 15th and I will draw one lucky winner to get one Design Your Own itsy bitsy pouch (Rachel).

You can choose from my fabric collection (I will be adding more) or any fabric you see in my website.

I am off to do more sewing. Have a fabulous day.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My New Bed!

I finally got my bed done. It looks so nice I can't stop staring at it!

After buying my new bed and sheets this rocking chair was sticking out like a sore thumb. It just didn't go with anything so I decided to paint it brown. It is a vintage Ethan Allen that I got from an estate sale a few years ago. Very comfortable and it is where I sit when I find time to read. During the day a lot of natural light comes through and I have a view of a small garden patch directly by the window and further back, the water fountain from the lagoon.

At long last I can show you my new bed. I bought the headboard and bed frame (eliminating the need for a dust ruffle) about a month ago from West Elm. I haven't treated myself lately and I have been sewing like there was no tomorrow. A week after this post I went ahead and bought it. A birthday present for myself, so to speak. I have put it at an angle because the room's configuration (is that the right word?) changed since the old closet was removed and a new walk in closet was put in right across the bed. The Chinese cabinet had to be moved to accommodate the closet door. I made all the pillows except the ones that came with the duvet including the one in the rocking chair. The vintage Oriental glass topped bedside table was from the antique store across the street. The inspiration for the capiz shell strands was from an old West Elm catalog. I decided to use the small window as another decorative element instead of hiding it behind a curtain as I originally planned. I made the silk dupioni curtains too.

I am loving the white and espresso color combo so much that I bought another duvet set.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And the winner is.......

After all the nail biting from everybody, the winner was announced today. Check it out here. So many talented ladies and all entries are winners in my book. I consoled myself by saying---well I a really need an embroidery machine not a quilting machine and I have all those books (for the runners up) anyway!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Amy Butler Sew Inspiring Contest Entry

This is my entry to the Amy Butler inspired bag. The winner will be chosen the week of March 10. Grand price is a 2,000.00 sewing machine! I was able to finish it (took be about 1 1/2-2 hours) just in time for the February 29th deadline.

For the little princess who likes all the frills the Riyanna Cutie Pie Handbag is a perfect fit! This is one of my favorite prints--perfect for a flower girl! I used sunburst roses for the main print paired with coordinating stripes. Accented with the sweetest double ruffle in pink dotty beans and scalloped edged Swiss embroidery that echo the main print.

Preppy white ribbon closure.

Twirly girly girl ruffles. The double ruffles remind of the fancy smocked/heirloom dresses I used to make for my darling daughter.

I used pink dotty beans for the lining and blue exotic birds fabric for the pocket. This Cutie Pie Handbag has two pockets for her treasures and a pencil slot.