Monday, April 02, 2007


I love to sip my latte in the morning while checking my email or surfing the web. Not anymore--or maybe just put the cup down further away from the keyboard! Of all the things I had to spill it had to be a cup of hot coffee topped with whipped cream and drizzled with cinnamon. I might have turned too sharply to the right. I scrambled to get paper towels hoping I did not do enough damage as the hot liquid go spilled directly on it--talk about bullseye. I feverishly rummaged through the toolbox and didn't even know which kind I needed, painstakingly unscrewed everything hoping I can lift the top portion off so I can clean underneath the keyboards. Guess what--you can't! It is attached securely to the top part and you can only get to the wires. It was a mess inside but let me tell you it did smell wonderful. To cut the story short I got it all cleaned up but this one had to be laid to rest. I love this keyboard-- it so comfortable to use but hard to find. Fortunately my brother had an extra lying around somewhere and I had it hooked up in no time.