Sunday, January 28, 2007


It is a beautiful Sunday morning. We are supposed to have a cold front--in the 50s? Well to us South Floridians that is COLD! It's more like low 70s with gusty winds. Most of us turn on the heater when the temperature drops even for a few degrees. I don't. For one thing our heater isn't hooked up yet and I like it cold as long as my knees don't start hurting. That's when I know it is too cold inside the house. We haven't really had a lot of cold fronts for the last couple of years but Hurricanes, well that's another story. My daughter spent the night with a friend so I can have some time to relax, sit back and catch up on my reading with a cup of cappuccino. I hardly drink regular coffee--I am a latte/cappuccino kind of gal. I have two books that I started reading simultaneously--Feng Shui Your Life by Jayme Barret and Feng Shui Revealed by R.D. Chin. This is my favorite spot until it gets too hot in late Spring, that is. The view is great as I get to see sunrise and sunset, hear the soothing sound of the water, chirping birds, scurrying squirrels and nosy family of ducks that share the space with me. I am waiting for one unusual creature that I haven't seen in awhile. It has a body of a dog but it has a snout like a pig's! If I see it I will try and take a picture and post it here maybe somebody knows what it is.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Curtains for Closet

After using my bedroom as a sewing room for quite some time my sewing studio (ooh that sounds good!) came to fruition August of last year. It was part of our attic right beside my bedroom but we had to raise the floor about one foot so it would be level with the bedroom floor. It is approximately 8 x 10 space not including the mini walk in closet and a cubicle that serves as my computer/office space. This is another thing I have to do--finish decorating it!--another passion of mine. I want it to look contemporary --Pottery Barn style. Putting a closet door was out of the question-- a curtain would be a better idea but I couldn't decide how and it had to be done to protect my fabric collection (some are in another walk in closet downstairs!) from dust. I decided to use a tension bar and rings with clips ( Linens n Things). I love this fabric it goes so well with the wall color and I have just enough left for the window and to cover my cutting table (my next projects). Spa blue, olive green, chocolate milk, mocha and coral on a chocolate background. The wall color is toasted brown bread. I added brown twill and olive green satin ribbon to save some fabric and frankly it looks more interesting and not too overwhelming. Don't you think so? It took me just an hour including spray painting the tension rod.

Okay, now I have to start cutting some fabrics. Until next time.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

First Post--at last

Hello everyone. I have finally embraced the 21st century way of journal keeping--blogging. Why not? I almost always talk to myself and I had a diary when I was a lot younger. In retrospect, I think I was hesitant to get out of my comfort zone--wary of the unknown. Just like with my website it took me a long time to go for it as I am not computer savvy (well I am a lot better now). It took me awhile to finish my site but I learned a lot along the way. Actually I find html quite interesting....

I have so many things I want to do and you will probably read them here which is great since the accountability factor is at play here. First on my list is to add some Laurie ( female version of my younger brother's name Lawrence) Weekender Tote. I have actually been playing around with some of my fabrics and trims and came out with these. I have already came up with the name for the middle one. The last one on the right is called Ooh LA LA! which I did with Jane (named after my neighbor). I still have to come up with a name for the first one--any ideas?

I have named my bags after family, friends and customers. I have a lot of different styles and for some it might be overwhelming but I like variety --it would probably drive me crazy to make a particular style over and over again and with the same fabric! Sometimes I would get an order for 4-6 identical bags but not very often--most of my customers get different bag styles. My mind is constantly brewing different fabric combinations and which style to make. This keeps me on my toes and my creative juices flowing.

I will work on the Eiffel Tower print and post it here when it is done.