Monday, February 08, 2010

New Yummy Fabrics

I am in cloud nine right now. I got some new awesome fabrics and I can't wait to share them with you.  These are just SOME of them!! I have to think of names.  Hmmm.

These are good enough to eat!  I already made a bag out of the lime print.

Chocolate goodness. Can't go wrong with these ones. I especially like the top one. I wonder what will I name these sweeties. I have actually made a bag out of the paisley print.

Bright retro florals--they pop up everywhere. The top one I have decided to call it deja vu, the bottom one cherry blossoms.

So girly and preppy. Bubblegum pink, peach and lime combo. Top is pink lotus then the paisley is called sugar baby (yeah) but haven't thought of names for the two bottom ones.

Love this color combo--brown and spa blue. I am just lovin' all of them. 

Took me forever to do this post. I had trouble centering the images then I realized just get out of the edit html page and just do all the posting via the compose page which has all the icons at the top to do all the editing just like my website. Duh!

Have an awesome Monday everyone.