Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Website Disaster!!!

It is 11:00 Pm EST and I just made a big mess of my website! I just want to shrivel and die. I had a new template installed and everything was fine and dandy a few minutes ago and I was trying to put in the Paypal logo and my biggest nightmare just came true. When I do some changes or additions (I haven't for a long time) I usually leave two similar windows open. If I made a mistake I would just go to the first window, update it and it would revert back to the original. This time though my brain wasn't functioning properly and I got confused. I have been working with my web designer most of the day and I guess it got to a point that my brain got fried. I just emailed her and hopefully will get back with me soon. I feel so embarrassed as she had been so helpful and patient with me today. I surely will have a restless night!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Tadpoles!! Day 1

I was pulling out weeds yesterday morning when I noticed some black wiggly things in our water fountain. Upon closer inspection I realized they were tadpoles and lots of them! I didn't notice any eggs in there (they look like tapioca suspended in sticky white froth). My daughter freaked out though--can you imagine how many frogs will there be? It is a treat to me though. We used to have a couple of doves lay eggs in the Spring. They loved one of our orchids pots hanging up front. One time they never came back but the eggs hatched. We had to call animal control so they can remove the poor chicks in there.

Anyway back to the tadpoles. In 4th grade we had a large aquarium where we had to observe how the eggs evolve into tadpoles and then to frogs. It was so much fun watching them hatch, see the tadpoles slowly lose their tails to be replaced by legs. We had so much fun. My question is do I leave them alone or put something to feed them? Any feedback would be wonderful. I will keep you posted.

Friday, July 11, 2008

New Fabrics in the House!

Hello everyone it's been a long long time! I have been so caught up with a couple of large wholesale orders.Finally I can start using the new fabrics I got a couple of weeks ago.It was hard not to touch them but I had some stuff to finish.

Retro floral prints. I love the two large scale prints on the right.

Bold colors and amazing prints some with chandeliers on it.

Yummy florals and paisley!

My creative juices are just spinning nonstop. From my favorite designer, Amy Butler.

Until next time. Have fun!