Monday, April 21, 2008

Price not Claimed--Another Itsy Bitsy Pouch Winner Announced!

Well Colleen it's your lucky day, you won an itsy bitsy pouch as our winner hasn't responded within the time allotted. Please claim your price within four days. I can't stay long ladies I just wanted to say hello. Have a productive week.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Itsy Bitsy Pouch Winner

Sorry about the delay ladies. It is such a beautiful day. We have an unexpected cold front at this time of year. Mid 50s. Yeah! So I went for a walk at about 9:00 and it felt so invigorating. I really have to make time as I am lucky enough to live where walking or biking is very conducive. I know I should do this everyday but sometimes I have to finish some orders before mail pickup. It is so convenient nowadays--just print your postage at home and schedule a pick up. No need to wait and save money and gas! My lady carrier, Carol is so sweet and I love chatting with her once in a while.

The lucky winner is---elliemae! Contact me within 4 days and tell me which one you want. Thank you to all . There will be another giveaway soon. Have a great day.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Meet Yvette--Cell Phone/Gadget Case

My 12-year old daughter had been asking for a pouch to put in her most precious possessions--camera,cell phone and iPod. Even during my craft shows last year people were asking. After numerous drafts and 5-6 sample pouches it is finally ready (well almost as I still have to put them on the site). I love pockets and this is a great add on as well as a decorative element. It can be hooked to a purse strap or through a belt loop.

One of the sample pouches. It was too small for the other gadgets. This one is sized for a Razr.

It was such a beautiful day I had time to catch up on my reading and took pictures.
Presenting----Yvette, named after my sister-in-laws's sister. I am still preparing the images and hopefully be ready on the site by this weekend.

Our Spring freebie is still on. You have till the 15th to leave a comment before the drawing. Check it out here.