Friday, October 26, 2007

Ouch--My trigger foot!!

Almost a month ago I said I was back but something always comes up. Anyway here I am and hopefully post a couple of times a week.

I talked about getting on my bike almost everyday as therapy for my right knee--well I had been doing that until a few months back when I fell off my bike. It was such a lovely day and I thought I will drop by the antique shop across the street and brought my wristlet with me. I was on it for about 2 minutes and tried to adjust the wristlet strap and I guess I swerved too sharply to the left and without warning fell to the ground. My first thought was,"Oh no I got orders to fill"!! Then I felt my ankle twist, and my knee hitting the rough ground and pain shot through me and screamed. A neighbor came running and I kept telling him I hurt my trigger foot. He was like, "Your trigger what??". My precious right foot which of course I use to run my sewing machine. It still hurts every now and then since sprains usually takes a while to heal and you have to deal with flare ups every now and then. Thank goodness I was still close enough to go back home without any help and put some cold compress. I didn't even call my doctor. If I broke something I wouldn't be able to walk. Later that night I realized I hit the left side of my chest with the handle bar when I noticed a nasty big bruise.

The left handle bar took the brunt which saved my left elbow. The rubber was scraped completely off.

I managed to finish these wristlets the week of my fall by taking frequent breaks.
Six pretty twirly bags all in a row! A month or so after my fall and my ankle still sore I miraculously was able to whip these up and the messenger bags.

I hope to be getting back on my bike soon but I just couldn't muster the courage to go on it just yet. I had been using my stationary bike but it is sooo boring.

Lesson learned---don't get distracted when you are on the road! Until next time and take care.