Thursday, January 25, 2007

Curtains for Closet

After using my bedroom as a sewing room for quite some time my sewing studio (ooh that sounds good!) came to fruition August of last year. It was part of our attic right beside my bedroom but we had to raise the floor about one foot so it would be level with the bedroom floor. It is approximately 8 x 10 space not including the mini walk in closet and a cubicle that serves as my computer/office space. This is another thing I have to do--finish decorating it!--another passion of mine. I want it to look contemporary --Pottery Barn style. Putting a closet door was out of the question-- a curtain would be a better idea but I couldn't decide how and it had to be done to protect my fabric collection (some are in another walk in closet downstairs!) from dust. I decided to use a tension bar and rings with clips ( Linens n Things). I love this fabric it goes so well with the wall color and I have just enough left for the window and to cover my cutting table (my next projects). Spa blue, olive green, chocolate milk, mocha and coral on a chocolate background. The wall color is toasted brown bread. I added brown twill and olive green satin ribbon to save some fabric and frankly it looks more interesting and not too overwhelming. Don't you think so? It took me just an hour including spray painting the tension rod.

Okay, now I have to start cutting some fabrics. Until next time.

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